Table of Contents



The Prologue

1. The Kinds of Monks

2. The Qualities Required in the Abbot

3. Calling the Brothers for Counsel

4. The Tools of Good Works

5. Obedience

6. Quiet

7. Humility

8. The Divine Office at Night

9. The Number of Psalms to Be Recited at the Night Office

10. How the Night Praise Should Be Done in Summertime

11. How Vigils Should Be Done on the Lord’s Day

12. How the Celebration of Matins Should Be Done

13. How Matins on Ordinary Days Should Be Done

14. The Arrangement for Vigils on the Feasts of Saints

15. The Times for Reciting Alleluia

16. The Arrangement for the Divine Office during the Day

17. The Number of Psalms to Be Sung at These Hours

18. The Order for Reciting the Psalms

19. The Instruction for Singing Psalms

20. Reverence at Prayer

21. The Deans of the Monastery

22. The Sleeping Arrangement for the Monks

23. Excommunication for Faults

24. The Requirements for Each Type of Excommunication

25. More Serious Faults

26. Those Associating with the Excommunicated Without a Command

27. The Abbot’s Care for the Excommunicated

28. Those, Though Often Corrected, Who Are Unwilling to Change

29. Receiving Back Brothers Who Have Left the Monastery

30. The Correction of Young Boys

31. The Manager of the Monastery

32. The Tools and the Property of the Monastery

33. Whether Monks Should Have Anything of Their Own

34. Whether All Without Distinction Should Receive What Is Necessary

35. The Weekly Kitchen Servers

36. The Sick Brothers

37. The Old and the Very Young

38. The Reader of the Week

39. The Measure of Food

40. The Measure of Drink

41. The Time When the Brothers Are to Take Their Meals

42. No One Should Speak After Compline

43. Those Who Come Late to the Work of God or to Table

44. How Those Excommunicated Are to Make Satisfaction

45. Those Who Make Mistakes in the Oratory

46. Those Who Commit Any Other Faults

47. Announcing the Hour for the Work of God

48. The Daily Manual Labor

49. The Observance of Lent

50. Brothers Who Work Far From the Church or Who Are on a Journey

51. Brothers Who Do Not Travel Far

52. The Oratory of the Monastery

53. The Reception of Guests

54. Whether a Monk Ought to Receive Letters or Anything Else

55. The Clothing and Footwear of the Brothers

56. The Abbot’s Table

57. The Craftsmen of the Monastery

58. The Instruction for Receiving Brothers

59. The Offering of the Sons of Nobles or of the Poor

60. Priests Who Perhaps May Want to Live in the Monastery

61. The Reception of Traveling Monks

62. The Priests of the Monastery

63. Seniority in the Community

64. The Appointment of the Abbot

65. The Prior of the Monastery

66. The Porter of the Monastery

67. Brothers Sent on a Journey

68. If Things Impossible Are Assigned to a Brother

69. No One is to Presume to Defend Another

70. No One is to Presume to Strike Another Arbitrarily

71. That the Brothers Be Obedient to One Another

72. The Good Zeal That Monks Must Have

73. The Observance of All Justice Is Not Set Down in This Rule

Daily Schedule for the Reading of the Rule


Biography of Harry Hagan, OSB


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