62. The Priests of the Monastery

If an abbot asks to have a priest or deacon ordained for himself, let him choose from his monks one who is worthy to carry out the priestly office.

Let the one ordained beware of arrogance and pride, and let him presume to do nothing unless the abbot has instructed him to do it, knowing that he will have to subject himself all the more to the discipline of the Rule. Moreover, he should not let the priesthood become a reason to forget the obedience and discipline of the Rule; rather he should advance more and more toward God.

Indeed, he should always keep the place that he had when he entered the monastery, except for his service at the altar, and if perhaps the community chooses, or the abbot wants to move him up out of consideration for the merit of his life. Nevertheless, he should know how to keep the rule set down for the deans and the prior. Should he presume otherwise, let him be judged not as a priest but as a rebel.

If he has been counseled often but does not set things right, let the bishop also be brought in as a witness. 10 If, after his faults have been repeatedly made clear to him and he still does not change, let him be cast out of the monastery—11 but only if he has become so stubborn that he is unwilling to submit to or to obey the Rule.


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