59. The Offering of the Sons of Nobles or of the Poor

If perhaps one of the nobles would offer his son to God in the monastery, and the boy himself is too young, his parents should make the profession which we have spoken about above. Then, together with the offering, let them wrap the profession and the hand of the boy in the altar cloth, and so offer him.

Now as for their property, they must promise under oath in the same profession that they will never, either themselves or through an agent, or in any way whatsoever, give him anything or offer him an opportunity to have anything. Or else, if they are unwilling to do this and want to offer something as alms to the monastery for their own merit, let them make a donation of the property that they want to give to the monastery, keeping for themselves, if they so wish, the income.

In this way, then, each and every way is to be blocked so that no notion may remain for the boy whereby, beguiled, he may perish, God forbid. This we have learned from experience!

The poor should also act in like manner. Those who have nothing at all simply make the profession and offer their son with the oblation before witnesses.



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