36. The Sick Brothers

Before all and above all, they must take care of the sick in order to serve them truly as Christ, for he himself said:

I was sick, and you visited me. (Matt 25:36)


What you did to one of the least of these you did to me. (Matt 25:40)

On the other hand, the sick themselves must recognize that they are served for the honor of God, and so they should not grieve their brothers who serve them with their unnecessary demands. Still, they must be patiently borne with because such deeds gain a more abundant reward. Therefore, the abbot shall take the greatest care so that they suffer no neglect.

Let a cell be set apart for the sick brothers, and let there be someone to serve them who is God-fearing, loving and caring. Let the sick use baths as often as it is beneficial, but let the healthy, especially the young, have them less often. Also, let the sick who are very weak eat meat in order to recover, but when they are better, they should all abstain from meat according to the usual custom.

10 Let the abbot take all possible care that the sick are not neglected by the managers and those serving them. Indeed, he is himself responsible for whatever his disciples fail to do.



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