11. How Vigils should Be Done on the Lord’s Day

On the Lord’s Day, let them rise earlier for Vigils. At these Vigils, they should keep the length as determined and set out above: six psalms and a verse. Then, when all are seated in seniority at their places on the benches, let there be read from the book, as stated above, four readings with their responsories. Only for the fourth responsory should the cantor recite the doxology; as soon as he begins, let them all rise with reverence.

After these readings, another six psalms follow in order, with antiphons as before, and with a verse. After these, another four readings are also to be read with their responsories in the manner as above.

Next, let them recite three canticles from the prophets, which the abbot appoints; these canticles are sung with an alleluia. After the recitation of a verse and a blessing by the abbot, let four other readings from the New Testament be read in the manner as above.

Then, after the fourth responsory, let the abbot begin the hymn: “We Praise You, O God.” When they have finished reciting this, let the abbot read a passage from the Gospel while all stand out of respect and fear.

10 At the end of the reading, let all respond, “Amen.” The abbot then follows with the hymn: “To You Be Praise.” After the blessing is given, let them begin Matins.

11 This order for Vigils should be observed on the Lord’s Day at all times — both in summer and likewise in winter, 12 unless perhaps, God forbid, the brothers rise too late. Then some of the readings or responsories will have to be shortened. 13 However, they should make every effort that this does not happen; but if it does, then whoever was careless should make proper satisfaction to God in the oratory.



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