73. The Observance of All Justice Is Not Set Down in This Rule

We have written down this Rule so that by keeping it in monasteries, we may show that, to some degree, we possess an integrity of character and the beginning of conversatio.

As for those who are hurrying toward the perfection of conversatio, there are the teachings of the fathers whose observance may lead a person to the heights of perfection. For what page or what word of divine authority in the Old or New Testament is not the most perfect standard of human life? Or what book of the holy, catholic fathers does not resound with this, so that we may, by this straight path, reach our Creator? Are there not the Conferences of the Fathers and their Institutes and Lives as well as the Rule of our Holy Father Basil? What else are they than the tools of the virtues for monks who obey and live good lives?

But for us, the lazy and careless who live badly, there is the blush of shame.

Therefore, whoever you may be, as you rush to the heavenly homeland, carry out with the help of Christ this smallest Rule written down for beginners.

Then, at length, as we have pointed out above, you will, with God as your protector, arrive at the loftier summits of teaching and virtues. Amen.



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