22. The Sleeping Arrangement for the Monks

Let each one sleep in a separate bed. They should receive bedding suitable to their way of conversatio, as the abbot arranges.

If possible, all should sleep in one place, but if, however, the number does not permit this, let them sleep in tens or twenties with seniors in charge of their care. A lamp should burn continually in the same room until morning.

Let them sleep clothed with belts or cords around them, but they should not have their knives at their sides while they sleep lest perhaps they wound themselves in their sleep. As a result, the monks will always be ready, when the signal is given, to rise without delay and make haste to reach the Work of God before the others, but still with all gravity and moderation.

The younger brothers should not have beds next to each other, but should be mixed with the seniors. Then, as they rise for the Work of God, let them gently encourage one another because the sleepy make excuses.



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