71. That the Brothers Be Obedient to One Another

The good of obedience should be shown by all, not just to the abbot, but the brothers should also obey each other in the same way, knowing that by this way of obedience they will go to God.

We do not permit private commands to supersede a command already given by the abbot or the superiors whom he has assigned. In other situations, let all the juniors obey their seniors with all love and concern. If anyone is found contentious, let him be corrected.

Now if any brother is corrected in any way by the abbot or by any other senior for any reason, however small, or if he even senses that any senior is angered or disturbed by him, however little, let him immediately and without delay cast himself on the ground at his feet and continue to lie there making satisfaction until this disturbance is healed by a blessing.

But if anyone scorns doing this, either he should be subjected to corporal punishment, or, if he is stubborn, he should be expelled from the monastery.



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