60. Priests Who Perhaps May Want to Live in the Monastery

If someone from the order of priests asks to be received into the monastery, consent should definitely not be given to him too quickly. Yet, if he remains absolutely steadfast in this request, let him realize that he will have to keep the whole discipline of the Rule and that nothing will be relaxed for him, so that it may be as it is written:

Friend, what have you come for? (Matt 26:50)

Still, he should be allowed to stand after the abbot and to bless or to preside at the Mass, but only if the abbot commands him. Otherwise, he should not presume to do anything whatsoever, realizing that he is subject to the discipline of the Rule. Moreover, he should give an example of humility to all.

And if perhaps there is an issue about an appointment or some other matter in the monastery, let him keep the place that he had when he entered the monastery and not that which was granted to him out of reverence for the priesthood.

Also, if any clerics with the same desire want to join the monastery, they may be given a place in the middle, but only if they themselves promise observance of the Rule and their own stability.


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