67. Brothers Sent on a Journey

Brothers about to be sent on a journey should commend themselves to the prayer of all the brothers and the abbot. Also, a remembrance of all those absent should always be made at the final prayer of the Work of God.

On returning from a journey, the brothers on that same day are to lie on the floor of the oratory at the end of the Work of God for each of the canonical hours, and they should ask the prayer of all for their transgressions, lest perhaps on the journey they found occasion to see something evil or to hear some idle talk.

No one should presume to report to another what he may have seen or heard outside the monastery because it brings much destruction. Should anyone presume to do this, let him be subject to the punishment of the Rule. It should also be the same for anyone who presumes to leave the enclosure of the monastery or to go anywhere or to do anything, however small, without the abbot’s command.


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