66. The Porter of the Monastery

At the gate of the monastery, let there be stationed a wise old man who knows how to give and receive a message—someone whose advanced age keeps him from wandering about.

This porter should have a cell next to the gate so that those coming may always find someone from whom they can get an answer. As soon as anyone knocks or a poor person cries out, let him respond “Thanks be to God!” or “Bless me!” And with all the gentleness of the fear of God, let him quickly respond with the warmth of love.

If the porter has need, let him have a younger brother to help.

Now a monastery, if it is possible, ought to be set up in such a way that it has everything necessary; that is, within the monastery there should be water, a mill, a garden; also various crafts should be pursued within the monastery. As a result, the monks will have no need to wander outside because this is not at all good for their souls.

Finally, we want this Rule read often in the community so that none of the brothers may make the excuse of ignorance.


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