11 Video in Forums

Luckily, the process for embedding video files into discussion forums is roughly the same. The methods are as follows:

Method #1. You can upload pre-recorded video clips as long as they are in an mp4 format.

Method #2. You can insert a URL/web address into the textbox field and the link will display as a video player frame.

Method #3. You can record and post directly from within the forum. However, like the audio recording function, you will be limited to 2 minutes.

Method #4. If you choose to use Panopto (video/screen recording software that we have built-in), you can use the Embed Panopto button within the atto editor toolbar and it will post seamlessly. You can use this embed button to both start a new recording as well as select an existing video from within your Panopto library. The image below will show you where the Panopto embed button is; however, we will go more in-depth with Panopto during a future lesson.


Method #1 and Method #2 for video embedding share the same button as audio recording:

Atto editor toolbar insert media button.

Method #3 for the built-in forum Video Recorder can be found right next to the Audio Recorder button we referenced in the last chapter:

Atto editor toolbar insert video button.

Method #4, the Embed Panopto Media button, is towards the top right-hand corner of the atto toolbar:

Atto editor toolbar embed Panopto media button.


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