35 Feedback in Turnitin

Turnitin offers a similarity report as well as a powerful grading interface. The grading interface for Turnitin provides the opportunity to give rich and diverse feedback to your students. In the mini video series below, we will review how to craft written comments, Quickmarks, and voice comments.

How to Make Comments:

How to Use Quickmarks:

How to Use Voice Comments:

It is important to know that if the student would like to view their feedback, they will need to view it inline with the assignment just as you did to initially provide it. In most other cases, feedback is linked directly to the grade book. The best practice would be to either:

1) as the instructor, always double-check that your feedback is automatically published/copied into the grade book
2) provide your students with explicit instructions to retrieve their feedback from within the assignment after it has been graded.


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