27 Module 5 – Introduction

This section will cover different grading options throughout Moodle. There are a number of ways to grade activities and the preferred method comes down to personal preference. For many, the grading and feedback books within this course may be the most overwhelming part of this training. Luckily, upon completion of this Moodle course, you will always have access to view this content. This way, you will be able to refer to it if/when necessary.

I believe that the most efficient way to grade assignments is within the assignments themselves. Please see the video, Simple Direct Grading, below for reference:

Simple direct grading is where you click on the assignment that requires grading and select the corresponding ‘Grade‘ button. This is applicable to Assignments, Discussion Forums, Panopto Media Assignments, Turnitin Assignments, Quizzes, and other activities within Moodle.

Regarding feedback, I would also encourage you to use different forms of feedback (audio, video, written when possible) as the diversity of mediums may aid you in sharing valuable insights with your respective students.



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