4 Course Questions and Moodle Messaging

There is another important forum in every TrineOnline course referred to as the Course Questions forum:

Course questions forum is labeled as course questions similar to the announcements forum.

This is another forced subscription forum where everyone receives a message when a thread is posted. Students may occasionally post here. You can address their questions by either responding to the post or by sending an email or another announcement to share the response with the class. I often find that if I am receiving the same questions over and over in private emails, it helps to send out an announcement in either of these forums so that the FAQ is addressed and shared with the course roster.

In addition to email, the announcements forum, and the course questions forum, you can also communicate with students via Moodle messaging. Moodle messaging can be very helpful and quick, especially if students are currently online; however, please note that these notifications are set up individually. Some students may receive emails for missed messages; whereas, others may not. Check out the video below to learn more about Moodle messaging:


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