24 Panopto Student Submission (Assignments for Students)

Other than providing your students with Panopto LTI video resources, you are able to assign Panopto Assignments to students. Students can use Panopto to record their own videos/presentations and upload them to Moodle as assignment submissions. This is especially useful for student introductions, presentations, and other activities.

The steps of assigning a Panopto Student Submission Assignment are much like that of providing a Panopto LTI Resource.

You can follow these steps:
Navigate to your courseTurn Editing On > Add an Activity > Select Panopto Student Submission:

Panopto student submission icon within Moodle activity menu.

Once you add the assignment, you can work through the steps of configuring it to meet your desired settings. You will want to provide the assignment with a title, description/instructions, and start/due dates:General textbox where you are prompted to name and identify other settings for the Panopto student submission link.

Once you have everything configured, scroll to the bottom and select a save option:

Save option buttons.

Once you save, your assignment submission link will appear in your course like so:
Example icon of how the Panopto student submission appears in your Moodle courses.

When your students open up this link, they will be prompted to Add Panopto submission and then select Submit:

Add a Panopto submission button found from the student perspective when submitting a Panopto assignment.

From the instructor’s view, you will not see these same options. Instead, you will just click the link and see a Grade option:

The instructor perspective when viewing this assignment type.


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