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Fortunately, in many cases, Quizzes can be automatically graded as answers may be finite. If your exams are composed of multiple-choice, true/false, matching, fill-in-the-blank, or many others, your quizzes will grade autonomously (given that the quizzes are formatted correctly upon creation or import). The only types of questions that cannot be automatically graded in Moodle are short-answer and essay questions. Luckily, there is a fast method for manually grading.

If you have a quiz containing short answers or essay questions, you will want to use this efficient method for manual grading.

Similar to the other assignment grades, you will want to navigate to your course and select the quiz that you would like to grade:

Example of a quiz activity within a Moodle course.

Once you open the quiz, you will want to look for the gear icon towards the top right-hand corner. Once that drop-down menu is open, look about half-way down and select Manual grading:

Manual grading option found within the Quiz edit settings menu

When you open manual grading, you will see the list of all of your quiz questions:

List of quiz questions displayed when beginning manual grading.

Additionally, it will display both questions that have been graded and questions that still need to be graded:

A grading window that displays what has already been graded compared to what still needs graded within the quiz.

Once you select a grade option, you will be redirected to a page that displays all of the attempts for that specific question:

UI of sequential grading of the same quiz questions.

As you continue to scroll, you will see the (A) students’ answer to the question and a (B) area to comment, and (C) award points:

The UI of what you will see when grading student quiz submissions. A is listed top, B is in the middle, and C appears at the bottom. This is related to the A, B, and C descriptions with this image.

You will repeat this process in a continuous scroll for each question and all of the attempts affiliated with that question. Once you are finished, you will reach the bottom and you will need to select Save:

Save and go to next page button.



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