1 Module 1 – Introduction

General Navigation varies depending on the theme of the Moodle environment and the settings that are configured. If you are already familiar with navigating throughout Trine University’s Moodle environment, please feel free to skip this chapter and move on to the next. However, if you are new to Moodle or new to Trine University’s instance of Moodle, the video within this section may be beneficial before moving on.

This video was created by Moodle and provides a tour that is very similar to our environment. One notable difference between their video and our environment is that when they login in the video, they start at the dashboard and can navigate to the Moodle site homepage. In Trine University’s Moodle, you are greeted by the Homepage upon login and then you are able to navigate to the dashboard or anywhere else in the navigational menu.


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