Many people came together to help in the creation of this textbook.

First, my appreciation to Jennifer Coronado, Erin Milanese, and other members of the PALNI network of university libraries who provided financial and technical support through the PALSave Redesign Grant to create this digital, open-access text. Without your support, this book would not be able to exist.

A huge appreciation to my students at Butler University who recorded demonstration videos for the text, specifically Noelle Engle, Marlena Haefner, Ian Hickey, Michael Mazerolle, Olander Porter, Jenna Small, and Grace Stine. Thank you also to all of my past students at Butler University, Lake Forest College, Northwestern University, and McHenry High School who taught me so many important lessons in how to (and not to) teach brass techniques.

Thank you to Carter Bell, Danny Knauff, Wendy Meaden, Tanya Nixon, Laura VanderHaeghen, Gabe Myers, and Brandon Scholwin who provided many of the pictures throughout this text after I called out frantically for them via social media in the midst of a COVID-19 summer.

Several people read this text at various points to provide constructive feedback. Special thanks to Michael Colburn, Ben Helton, Allen Miller. and Jared Rodin for your instrument specific expertise and to Laura Hicken who provided valuable insights into sound before sight principles of brass techniques.

Credit also goes out to my own teachers along the way who honed my understanding of brass techniques, including Larry Henry, Marilyn Lillibridge, Bill Toalson, Brian Anderson, David Snyder, Amy Gilreath, Joe Neisler, and David Zerkel.

And most importantly, special thanks to my family. This book would not have happened without the support of Becky, Natalie, and Noah who took countless pictures, suffered through my frustrations with technology integration, and read multiple versions of the texts and videos in the creation of this book. I couldn’t do anything without you!


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