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A general note should be made about one specific text that should find a home in every instrumental music educator’s collection. The J.B. Arban Complete Conservatory Method is the standard-bearer for all brass techniques. While individual exercises are frequently disputed, this single text (originally written for trumpet/cornet but since edited for all brass instruments) contains a comprehensive set of exercises for brass players at all levels. If you have one book in your collection, this is the single one to have as it includes a little bit of everything for every type of player.


Bachelder, Dan and Norman Hunt, Guide to Teaching Brass, 6th ed.(Boston: McGraw-Hill, 2002).

Bailey, Wayne, et al., Teaching Brass, 2nd ed. (Boston: McGraw-Hill, 2008)

Maxwell, Steven.Teaching Low Brass. (Manhattan, KS: New Prairie Press, 2018) (CC 4.0). https://newprairiepress.org/ebooks/22/

Vining, David. Teaching Brass: A Guide for Students and Teachers (Flagstaff, AZ: Mountain Peak Music, 2010)




Method books

Arban, J.B. Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet. (Carl Fischer, 1894/1936/1982)

Bousquet, N. Thirty Six Celebrated Studies for Cornet. (Carl Fischer).

Brandt, Vassily. Etudes for Trumpet. (MCA Music, 1965)

Clarke. Technical Studies

Concone, Giuseppe, Lyrical Studies for Trumpet or Horn. (Brass Press, 1972).

Getchell, Robert, First and Second Books of Practical Studies for Cornet and Trumpet. (Belwin Mills, 1948/1972).

Irons 27 Groups of Exercises

Small, J.L. 27 Melodious and Rhythmic Exercises for Cornet or Trumpet. (Carl Fischer, 1928).

Schlossberg Daily Drills & Technical Studies for Trumpet and Trombone (Baron)

Vizutti, Allen, Allen Vizzutti Trumpet Methods, Books 1-3 (Alfred, 1991)



Farkas, Philip. The Art of Brass Playing (Rochester, NY, Wind Music, 1989)

Method books

Concone, Giuseppe, Lyrical Studies for Trumpet or Horn. (Brass Press, 1972).

Getchell, Robert. First and Second Books of Practical Studies for Horn.

Kopprasch 60 Selected Studies for Horn (Fischer)

Little Embouchure Builders for Horn

Maxime-Alphonse Deux cent Etudes Nouvelles (LeDuc)

Pottag-Andraud 335 Selected Melodious Progressive and Technical Studies for French Horn (Southern Music Company)

Tuckwell Fifty First Exercises for Horn



Kleinheimer, Edward, The Art of Trombone Playing (Evanston, IL, Summy-Birchard, 1963)

Wick, Denis. Trombone Technique (London, Oxford UP, 1973)

Vernon, Charlie A Singing Approach to the Trombone (Atlanta Brass Society Press, 1985)

Yeo, Douglas, “Douglas Yeo FAQ: Bass Trombone Valve Systems,” last modified 2013, http://www.yeodoug.com/resources/faq/faq_text/valves.html

Method books

Arban, J. B. Complete Method for Trombone.

Bordogni-Rochut, Melodious Etudes, Books I-III (Fischer)

Cimera 170 Studies

Cimera 79 Studies

Clarke Technical Studies (Fischer)

Kopprasch 60 Selected Studies for Trombone (Fischer)

Schlossberg Daily Drills & Technical Studies for Trumpet and Trombone (Baron)



Bowman, Brian, Practical Hints on Playing the Baritone (Euphonium) (Melville, NY: Belwin-Mills, 1983).

Werden, David, “The Three- and Four-Valve Compensating System,” last modified 2020, http://www.dwerden.com/eu-articles-comp.cfm

Method books

Arban/Randall Complete Method

Brasch The Euphonium and Four Valve Brasses (Brasch)

Clarke Technical Studies

Bordogni/Rochut Melodious Etudes



Frederiksen, Brian Arnold Jacobs: Song and Wind (Windsong, 1996)

Method books

Arban, J. B. The Arban-Bell Tuba Method, (Colin)

Blazhevich 70 Studies for BB-flat Tuba, Volumes I & II

Bordogni 43 Bel Canto Studies for Tuba

Jacobs Low Register Studies

Kuehn 60 Musical Studies for Tuba, Books 1 & 2 (Southern Music Company)



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