41 Lesson Planning

Asynchronous Beginner Lesson

Warm Up Routine

Create a warm up/daily technique routine that would be appropriate for a beginning of second year brass player with 5-7 distinct activities in sequence. For each activity, briefly explain the function of that activity in terms of preparing students for playing and developing critical technical skills.

Beginner Lesson Plan

You should submit a proposed lesson plan for teaching a beginner a basic warm up sequence on your current instrument.  Make sure to consider basic fundamentals including posture, air support, embouchure, and tone production.  Your lesson should be between 5-8 minutes in duration and include a list of objectives, activities, and assessment measures using the attached lesson plan rubric.

Beginner Lesson Video

Teach the lesson you created in Beginner Lesson Plan.  Make sure to review feedback on your lesson plan before teaching the lesson.  The lesson should be video recorded–don’t worry too much about video quality provided that your voice is clear and students can see your engagement with your instrument.

Your video should be uploaded to your YouTube channel. Make sure to have it listed as either “Unlisted” or “Public.”


Video-50 points

  • 10 points-clear, sequential approach to instruction
  • 20 points-professional demeanor and presentation throughout lesson
  • 10 points-effective use of time (clear directions, high degree of student engagement, etc)
  • 10 points-anticipation of student progress/challenges (as opposed to just following the lesson plan)


Method Book Lesson

Method Book Review

Review the band method book provided in class for its strengths and weaknesses as a text for instructing beginning brass students. Your review should consider the developmental issues encountered by beginning brass players and the responsiveness of the method book to those needs.

Consider the entire method book, including the following considerations:

  • Getting Started-How do the first pages address the needs and abilities of beginning brass players? Specifically, in what ways does the book meet those needs and abilities? In what ways will beginning players potentially encounter issues not addressed by the book?
  • Sequencing-How does the method book address the development of beginning brass players? Specifically, how does the book address developing brass players’ growth appropriately? In what ways does the book skip or ignore important developmental steps?
  • Inclusivity-How does the method book represent a range of musical practices and approaches? Specifically, how does the music within the method book simultaneously build student abilities, maintain student interest, and introduce a variety of music styles?  In addition to what is included, what is not included?
  • Instruction-How does the method book guide students in their technical development? Specifically, what instruction is included that helps students better understand technique on their instrument? What instructions will the teacher need to provide apart from what is in the method book?

Method Book Lesson Plan

There are two parts to this lesson plan:

1. You will be teaching 5 minutes of class with your peers as your class. For this lesson, you will be using a standard class method book and preparing a concept-based lesson using an exercise from that book. You should submit a Lesson Plan in advance of your lesson including concepts to be addressed and 1 selection from a method book that directly relate to that concept. You should have 1 objective, linked directly to a specific activity in your method book. Your lesson plan should include the following: (25 points)

a. 1 objective based in 1 exercise from your method book

b. 1 warm up/preparatory activity outside of the method book

c. 1 activity using the exercise in the method book. This activity should not be play the piece from the beginning to the end.

2. In addition to your lesson plan, you will also submit a pdf file of one of your exercise transposed for trumpet, horn, trombone/euphonium, and tuba to be used in class for instruction. You may use any notation software of your choice (e.g. Sibelius, Finale, MuseScore, NoteFlight, etc.) (5 points)

Method Book Teaching Self-Reflection

In response to your teaching segment in class, provide a detailed reflection that addresses the following questions:

1.  What went well in your lesson, both in terms of your student’s progress and teaching practices?

2.  What could you have taught more effectively?  What changes would you make if you were to teach this lesson again?

3.  If you were to teach this student again, what would be your objectives for the next lesson?

4.  Explain how this teaching experience either met your expectations or surprised you.



  • 10 points-accurate representation of teaching video strengths and weaknesses
  • 10 points-complete response to all questions including supporting evidence
  • 5 points-professional, high quality writing



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