We would like to thank Edward Mandity for serving as the project manager for the textbook creation process. We would also like to thank Amanda Hurford with the PALNI team for working with us when we encountered challenges along the way. We owe a great debt to our reviewers, Dr. Joshua Kiers and Dr. Aaron Boudreaux, for their helpful suggestions and key insights that drastically improved our initial draft. We would like to also thank Matthew Furber for offering graphic design advice as well as introducing us to our fabulous illustrator, Mia M. Scarlato. Additionally, we would like to thank our department chair, Dr. Matt DeLong, for his constant support of our efforts to drive learning and equity through the creation of this open-access textbook. We also wish to thank all members of Marian University’s Department of Mathematical and Computational Sciences in the School of Science and Mathematics for the awesome discussions of research, pedagogy, and inclusive instruction, not to mention the fellowship and friendship.

Paul W. Bible would like to thank his wonderful wife, Dr. Colleen Doçi. Her constant love and support made this happen.

Lucas Moser would like to thank his wife and kids for supporting him in his endeavors as an educator.


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An Open Guide to Data Structures and Algorithms by Paul W. Bible and Lucas Moser is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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