How to Successfully Search in Five Minutes

By the end of this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Execute better strategies for a successful search using the library website. (LO2)
  • Locate scholarly resources in the library website. (LO3)


Need a quick start? Try this five minute search activity. Using what you have learned regarding Boolean Operators and some of the other strategies listed, you should be able to successfully find a relevant resource in five minutes or less. Set a timer and see if you can do it.


the five minute search Step 1: Open your library webpage.  Step 2: Enter your search terms (it maybe be helpful to use the Boolean Operators!).  Step 3: Select the search button.  Step 4: Review filters to eliminate results based on year of publication, content format, full text available, and so on.  Step 5: Select relevant resources to save for review.  Step 6: Revise search terms as needed and repeat!

Resources and Strategies for a Successful Search

Below are some strategies to try when searching the internet and library databases for information. To learn more, you may want to visit Excelsior College website.


Here are some well-presented ideas to consider when researching. These elements can help you select better research as you work on paper, projects, and for the future.


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