Part Three: Levels of Searching

USS Kidd conducts search and rescue operations for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 [Image 2 of 2]” by DVIDSHUB is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

This section is about perfecting your search strategy. Research and conducting searches can be a fun adventure once you learn the basics. Who knows where an effective search strategy will take you! This section is organized in increasing levels of difficulty. Please review and complete each section to be a top-level researcher!

  • Level 1: Forming the Research Question and Completing Research
  • Level 2: Organizing Your Research
  • Level 3: Advanced Searching
  • Level 4: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Sources
  • Level 5: Scholarly Articles
  • Level 6: Annotated Bibliography
  • Level 7: Final Assessment


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