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University libraries offer both physical and digital materials that can be used for research as a student or a faculty member. This chapter should provide a foundation for all who use this book. By the end of this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Answer key questions regarding a library search with the library website. (LO1)

Question 1: Where is the library?

The library can be found through your university website, usually under student support. This website is the gateway to finding research materials or textbooks for your courses; use it often. It is provided to you as a student and if you have questions, contact a librarian. Here is an example of a library website, from Trine University. You can select this link to open it in a browser.

Question 2: Why should I use the library?

With the library, whether student, faculty, or staff, there is unlimited potential for benefits. At the library, you can:

  • Write better papers with help from a research librarian.
  • Have access to paid content that is not available through an internet search.
  • Access content like books, articles, movies, and music.
  • Study in a quiet space in a group or individually.
  • Build skills in hands-on technology workshops.
  • Schedule appointments with tutors.
  • Discover your next read!

Ultimately the library is provided to you as an active member of the university community, it is important to use this important resource so it can continue to be made available.



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