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FPY 613: Psychopathology

Course Description:  This course involves the study of victims and witnesses of crime. An emphasis will be placed on the psychological and emotional detriments associated with being victimized and the classification of the types of victims. Students will learn how to apply criminological theory to address why offenders choose their victims. Additionally, students will examine a victim’s reaction to crime.


  1. Analyze the most common perspectives of criminal behavior and the methods employed to assess victimization.
  2. Describe the biopsychological factors of psychopathy.
  3. Identify the various components associated to juvenile psychopathy.
  4. Demonstrate research competence of crime and mental disorders.
  5. Articulate the sociological elements of crime and assess the theoretical implications associated to human aggression and violence.
  6. Compare and contrast the psychological and behavioral tendencies between the homicidal offender, sexual offender, public order and economic offender, and substance abuse offender.



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