How To Use This Book

Eleanor Price

The Prindle Post Education Edition is designed to be used in a high school classroom setting. In this volume, you’ll find comprehension questions and moral dilemmas, writing prompts, plus a guide for how to teach and learn ethics (see How To Talk About Ethics in the Classroom).

We hope that you’ll find something thought-provoking in these pages, and that this book will guide you — teacher or student — through some of the complicated moral questions of today.

The Anatomy of an Article

At the beginning of each article, you’ll find a central moral question or statement. This issue serves as the underlying basis of each article — and hopefully as the guiding principle for examining the article. It’s not necessarily something you need to answer; rather, it’s a way of preparing you for what to expect and how to think about the content.

Before most of the articles, you’ll find a prompt — this is a question you should be able to answer, or consider a little more critically. After the prompt, you’ll find an invitation to begin your stakeholder map. See How to Create and Use a Stakeholder Map for more on that.

Finally, at the end of each article are focus questions. They’re ideal for class discussion or writing prompts, and their goal is to get to the heart of the central moral question we asked at the beginning of the article.

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