Extended Reality

By the end of this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Design new content for current courses. (LO2)
  • Investigate new forms of media to engage students. (LO3)

Extended reality is when education becomes three-dimensional. This can occur with extra hardware like Virtual Reality Goggles or it could take place in platforms and websites built for this learning format. Check out the example of extended reality below to learn more about extended reality in CoSpaces. Select the Play button on the lower left to view the infographic.



Extended reality offers the potential to engage students in a new environment, in a new way; using a platform that is engaging, challenging, and new to them. Extended reality is one of the trends for education, offering immersive experiences for students. In fact, university’s are building complete programs in extended reality, for example an Bachelor’s of Science in Extended Reality. Extended reality is the umbrella term than includes AR, MR, VR, and IR (augmented reality, mixed reality, virtual reality, and immersive reality). The video below explains the definitions and provides examples. The best way to learn about extended reality is to start building it, so try a platform like CoSpaces where you can begin for free!


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360 Videos

While it is its own spin on extended reality, it is a really fun item to use or create, when it aligns to your learning outcomes: 360 Videos. These videos offer a unique perspective! Select the video and drag the video in one direction, the content will move! Try it out with one of the options offered below. You students can also create their own 360 videos. Learn about what 360 videos are and how to make them here.



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