Saint Meinrad Pastoral Studies Series

Very Rev. Denis Robinson, OSB

For 150 years, Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology has striven to provide the highest quality education and formation for priests, permanent deacons and lay ministers for the life of the Church. This work has gone on because Saint Meinrad has always been convinced that the Church deserves the brightest, holiest and most ardent ministers for service to God’s people.

Today more than ever, in a rapidly changing and expanding Church environment, the work of formation needs to find new and creative ways of raising up these ministers. The Saint Meinrad Pastoral Studies Series is intended to provide creative responses to critical pastoral issues in the life of today’s Church.

The series features articles and reflections by Saint Meinrad faculty, staff and visiting lecturers on topics that touch the very heart of the Church’s work in the 21st century. The series aims to reach those who are laboring diligently in these same ministries. Through these pages, we hope to provide some stimulus for critical thinking on important issues, as well as a source of intellectual and spiritual renewal for those dedicated to parish and diocesan life.