Marten Lecture Series

1991 John A. Melloh, SM, “Preaching: Proclamation or  Persuasion?”

1992 Thomas H. Troeger, “Tapping Hidden Streams: Receiving the Spirit through the Discipline of the Imagination”

1993 Walter Brueggemann, “Preaching from the Psalms”

1994 Mary Catherine Hilkert, OP, “Naming Grace: Preaching and the Sacramental Imagination”

1995 David Buttrick, “Preaching into a New Century”

1996 Jude Siciliano, OP, “Preaching: Proclaiming a Just Word”

1997 Raymond F. Collins, “Preaching the Epistles”

1998 Robert Waznak, SS, “The World in the Biblical Text: New Imaginings for the Preacher”

1999 John S. McClure, “Collaborative Preaching: God’s Empowering Word”

2000 James A. Wallace, CSsR, “Preaching to the Hungers of the Heart”

2001 Maurice Nutt, CSsR, “Just Like Fire in My Bones”

2002 Frances Trampiets, SC, “Shaping the Faith of Those Shaped by the Media”

2003 Stephen V. DeLeers, “Conceiving Everything Anew: Preaching the Gospel in a ‘Whatever’ World”

2004 Frank Matera, “Preaching in a Different Key: Preaching the Gospel According to Paul”

2005 Dianne Bergant, CSA, “Lectionary Preaching”

2006 Thomas Long, “Unleashing the Power of Scripture”

2007 Richard Fragomeni, “Toward the New Evangelization: Preaching Parish Missions for the Life of the Church”

2008 Deborah Organ, “Preaching Between Worlds: Theology and Method”

2009 Paul Scott Wilson, “Lighting a Fire: Preaching as Teaching and Proclamation”

2010 Andrew Carl Wisdom, OP, “Communicating in a World  of Landlines and iPhones: Preaching Across the Generations”

2011 Rein Boss, “About Whom Does the Prophet Say This?”

2012 Lucy Lind Hogan, “To Teach, Delight, and Move: Preaching and Rhetoric in a New Age of Evangelism”

2013 Dr. Charles Campbell, “Preaching and Apocalyptic Imagination”


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