Similarity Reports and Turnitin

The university runs forums and written assignments through Turnitin. Below is some information to become familiar with this tool while at Trine University.


Turnitin is a valuable tool for checking authenticity and honesty in university work. The aim is to encourage students to create their own original work. Please view the following video on how to interpret a similarity score. Essentially, a similarity score is the amount a submission is similar to another person’s work. Ideally, scores would be low; some similarity is expected for references, but beyond 30% is generally not accepted.


Free Tools

You can check your work, prior to submitting, to see a similarity score and update your work to be more original. Here are some sites where you can check your work; please note there are word count limits, so you will likely need to check your work in multiple submissions.

Plagiarism Checker by Quetext

Plagiarism Checker by Plagiarism Detector


Turnitin (2021). Understanding text similarity for students [Video]. YouTube.


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