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BA 6OOOZ: Graduate Internship

Course Description:

This graduate course is designed to combine classroom theory with practical application through job-related experiences. Students are actively employed in diverse organizations and agencies that relate to their graduate academic training and career objectives. Students will create obtainable SMART goals that apply to their personal and professional goals. Students will build skills related to interviewing etiquette to assist in successful job acquisition. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to reflect on supervisor feedback and their overall experience in the graduate internship.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Create achievable SMART goals. (LO1)
  • Connect academic knowledge with a professional setting. (LO2)
  • Recommend etiquette for professional interviews. (LO3)
  • Evaluate personal accomplishments and experiences related to master’s program of study. (LO4)
  • Analyze how to achieve professional growth in industry. (LO5)
  • Reflect on feedback provided by supervisor. (LO6)


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